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A Fun Time

A while ago I posted a blog entry entitled "Excessive Rate" which gives the backstory to the fact that whenever I write a check, I write something off color in the memo section of it.

I was just looking at my checkbook online and had to laugh… I noticed a deduction and couldn’t remember what that was.. til I clicked on it to open up the actual check image. It was the $1,200 check I’d written to Community Hospital at 4:45 A.M. on the day of surgery. I don’t even remember writing the damn thing… but in the “memo” space at the bottom left of the check, I had written “a fun time”. I just crack myself up!

Even funnier… Someone at the hospital crossed out my “memo” and wrote my account number over the top of “a fun time”.

Don’t they have any sense of humor whatsoever???


Spidey said...

no, but who cares cause you do!


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